I am a man of varied interests…..
Have been a participating witness to the birth of television in India.
First Janakinath Gaud award winner for outstanding contribution to Indian Television in India
Film Maker with almost 100 film features/portraits of eminent personalities like Baba Amte M. C. Chagla Gaan Tapaswini Mogubai Kurdikar, Eminent artist Shri K.K. Hebber
Effective communicator and key note speaker at various national and International forums
Academician have been privileged to help built many media institutions of repute and have written syllabi in Media Studies in creative as well as media business studies
Interested in Archeology and Indology Myths & Folklore
Widely travelled….interactions with many media organizations all across globe
Presently working on an international film project in English to be shot in Europe in 2016-2017
Welcome to my web site

Accurate descreption of
Vinay Dhumale